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If you are here for words, well, I've got a few different tricks up my sleeve.

I write books (fiction), poetry & strategic content for business (think websites, magazines, marketing materials).

It has been more than two decades since a degree in journalism kick-started my writing life. Over the years I've been a cadet journo on a country newspaper, a communications manager in the medical industry, a corporate communications consultant & now a creative entrepreneur. 

I write from the heart. And people tell me they like the words that flow from here.

my debut novel

I wrote a novel & it's out NOW!

New Year's Eve is about Eve, a city marketing executive who has always had issues with her December 31 birthday: because it's bad luck.

She just had another one. A birthday, that is. Her 30th. And the fallout has been catastrophic.

Now Eve's mum has made a call she can't ignore. So she is heading home to the country town she ditched at 18.

New Year's Eve is a quirky Aussie romance with all the feels, and, did I mention that it is OUT NOW? Check out the book trailer below.

Learn more about the book (& me) here.

watch the trailer

May book events
Book events

Content writing services

I work with a range of clients to help them communicate their brand story in a compelling way.

While AI has indeed revolutionised the world of content creation, the nuance and artistry a real-life wordsmith (like me!) brings to writing copy cannot be replicated.

Learn more about the content writing services I offer here.

Content writing services offered by writer Sarah Todman

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Notebook Heart poetry book by Sarah Todman

Out now! My first poetry collection

My new book of poetry, Notebook Heart, explores the themes of heartache, hope, life, and love.

If you ask me, there can never be enough poetry in the world, because every poem written is a new chance for connection, another opportunity to understand, or be understood.

I have divided this collection into sections to allow the reader to dip in and out guided by their mood.


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